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RavenHook Bakehouse

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This Week's Menu

This weekend until September 19th , RavenHook Bakehouse will be featuring our Round Challah (Plain and Raisin) at all of our markets.  Round Challah is traditionally served in Jewish households during the High Holidays of Rosh Hashana and leading up thru Yom Kippur. The round bread is reminiscent of a crown, in the belief that God is the King of Kings, and also to remind us of the circular nature of life.

We will return to the traditional braided Plain Challah next weekend!

  • Peach/Ginger Cobbler with fruits from our Farmers Market friends.  Pare this with some Vanilla Ice Cream! Also Apple Crisp Cobblers with Oatmeal Streusel.

  • We will also have our fabulous Nutty Apple Spice Cake and Orange Chocolate Chip Pound Cake this weekend!

  • This weeks Special Focaccia has Tomatoes from Valencia Produce, with Basil from Lucibella Farm and Mozzarella. Deliciousness!

News & Upcoming Events

  • All of our markets are open this weekend and, so far, next week as well. While we seemed to have dodged the hurricane this time, we are keeping our friends and loved ones in the path of the storm in our hearts this weekend and pray that the damage and loss of life is held to a minimum.

  • As the reports of the hurricane were flooding the air waves, I had that circular shape of the storm swirling around in my thoughts. Then, when we were baking the Round Challahs this week, that shape was right in front of me and I couldn’t resist referring to the breads as “Hurricane Challahs”. Art and life coming together. What can I say!

  • Thanks to all you hearty folks who come out to the markets even in the rain. We know it isn’t easy to shop the market in these conditions, but we will be there for you if you do. Encourage your friends to join you, too! It will brighten all our experiences have you all there!


Since 2006, RavenHook Bakery has brought fresh-baked bread and other treats to markets across the DC-area. Everything we bake is made with all natural ingredients...