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RavenHook Bakehouse

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This Week's Menu

  • This week: Cherry Almond Cobbler is making a last summer appearance. Also, Peach Cobbler with biscuit crust.
  • This may be the last of few weeks of Portuguese Sweet Bread. We like it in summer but fall is approaching and other breads are beaconing.
  • This weeks Special focaccia has Tomatoes from Valencia Produce andLucibella Farms and Basil with Mozarella. Summery and amazing!

News & Upcoming Events

  • Although school starts for some this next week, summer harvest bounty continues to bless us with fruits and veggies. Local farms share their food with us, we make yummy breads and pastries, and then we share with them and YOU! What do you make with your summer harvest? Let us know. What do you make with our breads? Let us know, then post it and tag us on Instagram or FaceBook ( I don't do Twitterface).

  • Since the markets have been affected by the rain the last few weeks, our customers have wondered what we do with the leftovers we don't sell.  If we can't make Crostinis or other stuff from leftovers, we freeze the breads and then work with Food Rescue US who comes and picks it up.  They deliver directly to Soup Kitchens and DC Central Kitchen who use it to feed those most in need.  Nothing goes to waste!

  • Also, the National Harbor Farmers Market is no longer happening, sadly. Participation from customers and vendors were not making it regularly. We gave it 2 months and the sales seemed to get worse each week. If folks want a market to shop at, they need to remember that the small businesses who make and bring the products need to make a profit, no matter how small, in order to continue showing up. Sorry and thanks to all those who were so generous and supportive of our efforts to try and make it work.


Since 2006, RavenHook Bakery has brought fresh-baked bread and other treats to markets across the DC-area. Everything we bake is made with all natural ingredients...