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Let your French shine! Bastille Day is July 14.

Grab one of our Artisan Baguettes, Pain de Campagne, Fruit filled Brioche, or Sourdough Miche to celebrate Bastille Day in style.

Did you know that the famous quote from Marie Anoinette during the French revolution that angered the French populous so much was miss-translated. It wasn’t, “If they can’t get bread, let them eat cake!” as her subjects starved on the street. It was, “Let them eat Brioche!” which is an even richer, more rare treat for the royalty. She lost her head over that faux pas.

Try our Apple Blueberry Cobbler or Strawberry Basil Cobbler or the Traditional Apple Crisp. Also, Zucchini Nut Bread is finally back!

See you at the markets. Peaches and other stone fruits will be in our baking rotation soon!

This week’s Special Focaccia topping is Mixed Mushroom and Onion with Mozzarella Cheese!


Since 2006, RavenHook Bakery has brought fresh-baked bread and other treats to markets across the DC-area. Everything we bake is made with all natural ingredients...