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About the Team

Ravenhook Bakehouse is honored to have such a diverse group of people working for us as bakers and market workers. As a team, we represent many countries, professions, and passions. We come from Mali, Peru, Greece, El Salvador, Mexico, and right here in D.C. (shout out to D.C. natives!) We speak French, Spanish, Greek, German, Urdu, and ASL. And we aren’t only bakers and market workers- we are cooks, artists, therapists, doctors, mathematicians, teachers, students, musicians, farmers, retirees, scientists, and more. Some of our team members have gone on to excel in positions at the British International School in Georgetown, cook at the acclaimed restaurant A Rake’s Progress, hike the entire 2190 miles of the Appalachian Trail, open an artist studio, begin a promising music career, graduate from college, and go to college for the first time. Although our crew does change, and long-time employees find new opportunities, the Ravenhook Bakehouse team will always be family. 

Interested in joining our team? Send us an email! We are always looking for new bakers and people to work our farmers markets.