European-style breads and sweets, in markets across the DC-area

RavenHook Bakehouse

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This Week's Menu

  • Corn Bread is back!  It really needed a rest for a while.  But now, we've improved the recipe, added natural corn grits, and simplified the offering.  Enjoy with some butter, summer soups, chili, or just by itself.
  • Our Special Focaccia this week is Mixed mushroom with a hint of garlic, and Mozzarella Cheese.
  • This week: Peach Cobbler with biscuit crust. Enough said!

News & Upcoming Events

  • Here in our little corner of the world, at RavenHook Bakehouse, we do what we can to sow the seeds of peace, love and family into everything we do. Bread made with love tastes better, and feeds the soul. Making bread for us feeds our soul as well. This kind of Win-Win situation is what we feel the world needs more of. Let's all come together and break bread as one people. Peace begins with me! 

  • Since the markets have been affected by the rain the last few weeks, our customers have wondered what we do with the leftovers we don't sell.  If we can't make Crostinis or other stuff from leftovers, we freeze the breads and then work with Food Rescue US who comes and picks it up.  They deliver directly to Soup Kitchens and DC Central Kitchen who use it to feed those most in need.  Nothing goes to waste!

  • Will all the fresh fruit coming into the markets, RavenHook will be making our amazing Jam again with Chris' sister, Toni (Sweet P).  Last year's batches are gone now so new jams will be at the market again in about 2 or 3 weeks.  Keep your eyes open for new flavors and new batches of your old favorites made with local produce and lots of love!


Since 2006, RavenHook Bakery has brought fresh-baked bread and other treats to markets across the DC-area. Everything we bake is made with all natural ingredients...